St. Peter’s Cathedral

Went to Rome for a couple of days at the beginning of March this year. Such an amazing city, so many interesting places and buildings.

We did a lot of touring around the city. The Vatican Museum was my favourite place, followed closely by the Trevi Fountain. This picture was my favourite of the trip though. A coworker introduced me to Adobe Lightroom 4 on its release day and I spent some time adjusting all of my photos from the trip. I really liked the colour combination in this picture. The original was quite different:

Maybe there’s too much post-processing. I would assume so as it was my first set of photos that I edited. I enjoyed working on them more, and hopefully will do the same to future sets.

Walking in Cyprus

This was taken in an inland village in Cyprus. I stayed in Napa Aiya for a week at the end of August 2010. It was really relaxing, though a lot of tourists. I took a bus trip around the island on my last full day, and they took us to this village. The roads were very narrow, and everything had an old world feel to it. Most of the stores had crocheted table clothes or cheesy t-shirts. The village away from the stores was quite interesting.

This picture is mostly as is. I adjusted the saturation. I liked the composition, though the door is a little off center.

An Exercise In Focus

Malta Focus 1
Malta Focus 2

I’ve been playing with focus a little bit recently. Taking the same picture multiple times with different objects in focus. I really like the stark contrast between these two photos. Both taken while on a harbour cruise near Valletta, Malta.

Malta at Night

Taken with 2 second exposure, balanced on the ledge of the hotel balcony. I love the colours in this shot, they just seem so vivid. I took about 10, some were blurry, others turned out pretty well. Makes me almost want to invest in a tripod.

First Time in Paris

Arc de Triomphe

The Arc de Triomphe. From mid December 2009. I went to Paris for a friend’s Christmas party and I got to spend the Sunday walking around Paris taking in some of the sites. I took quite a few pictures of the Arc trying to get a good angle and composition. I was hoping for a lot of cars going in the round-a-bout, but the single car in the photo makes me think of a car ad.